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Bathmate Canada. Many men still feel insecure about their penis size. because the size of a person's penis can be related to the nature or sexual ability.

A bigger penis is certainly more satisfying to your partner, especially coupled with a strong erection, your partner will enjoy having sex with you more.

Men who are not satisfied with the size and strength of your penis, do not be discouraged because you can still increase it safely and without surgery. Bathmate Canada is a very safe alternative to increase the size and strength of your penis.

The Bathmate is a penis pump that has the best technology compared to other penis pumps because it uses hydro-vacuum technology which harnesses the force of water pressure to pump the penis for a more consistent pressure.

The penis pump usually uses the force of air which provides pain in the penis and has a high risk of causing injury to the penis, while the Bathmate Canada is much safer and does not cause the slightest pain to the penis due to the use of water pressure.

You don't need long time, just 15 minutes per day and you can use it when you shower, if you regularly and consistently train your penis with Bathmate you can get a penis size increase of 5-7 centimeters, some customers even say get an increase in size more than that.

Bathmate Canada has several models available in various sizes so you can choose and determine the model and size that suits your needs in order to get maximum results. The material chosen is also a very safe material for your penis and minimizes the risk of injury to your penis.

All Bathmate products go through a clinical test before being marketed so that Bathmate Canada consistently delivers maximum results for its customers and since its launch in 2006 until now.

Bathmate has always been the best choice for penis enlargement pump products worldwide.


Bathmate works to widen the blood vessels to allow more and more blood flow, including blood flow to the penis so that naturally the size of your penis will increase and when you have an erection with a stronger blood flow, the erection you get will be stronger too.

The way Bathmate Canada works is not the same as other penis pumps which use air pressure that provides inconsistent pressure but Bathmate uses Hydro-Vacum technology which utilizes the power of water pressure.

So that you will feel more comfortable and you won't feel the slightest pain on your penis.

With the pressure of the water the pores on your skin will open so that the skin will be easier to stretch, and Bathmate Canada technology minimizes the risk of injury to your penis so you can feel safer too.

When you use Bathmate, the blood will be pumped stronger to fill your penis and will automatically increase the size and strength of your penis.

If done regularly the process of increasing your penis will be faster and Bathmate Canada will provide permanent increase in penis size and strength, not just temporary.

All that power is what makes Bathmate the number 1 penis enlargement pump worldwide.


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Bathmate Canada is the best because it delivers real results and is very in demand in the market, reviews from its customers are very positive, they say they get the penis size and strength they expect and improve their sexual life for the better. Some of the advantages provided by Bathmate are:

  • Provides a Real Improvement

    If it does not provide tangible results, it is impossible for Bathmate Canada to last this long and become the best choice for penis pumps in the world, its customers say they are very satisfied with Bathmate's performance.

    They say they have experienced a significant increase starting from increasing penis size, getting a more erection big and strong, and self-confidence that increases with a larger penis size and strength.

  • Very Safe Material

    Bathmate choose ingredients that are really safe for your penis because your safety is the top priority, and all products must go through clinical trials before being marketed so you don't have to worry about the safety of this one penis pump.

  • Very Comfortable And No Pain

    Because Bathmate water based is painless and you will feel more comfortable when using it. Its use is very easy and doesn't waste a lot of your time because you only need to spend 15 minutes per day to train your penis with Bathmate Canada.

  • There Are Several Models And Sizes

    Bathmate Canada provides several models with different strengths so you can customize whether you want medium strength, strong, or very strong. Then there are also several sizes available and you just have to adjust the size of your penis and choose the size that suits your penis size.

  • Guaranteed Results

    Your satisfaction with the results you get is guaranteed with a 60 day money back guarantee, so don't worry, if you are not satisfied, you will receive your money back in full and without questions.


bathmate canada series
  • Hydro Series

    This is the first series to have moderate strength, this series is suitable for those of you who don't want too strong a pressure, this series is usually used by beginners who use Bathmate, providing a permanent increase in penis size and strength.

    The Hydro series only has one size option, which is suitable for a penis measuring 5-7 inches when experiencing a maximum erection, if you need stronger pressure and a more diverse selection of sizes, you can try the Hydromax series. But if you feel that the strength is enough, you can choose this Hydro series.

  • Hydromax Series

    This is an intermediate series, and this series is also the best-selling series on the market, having 35% more pressure than the Hydro series. Provides a permanent increase in penis size and strength.

    The Hydromax series has models ranging from Hydromax3 to Hydromax9 so it is available for penis sizes ranging from 3 inches to penises that are 9 inches long when fully erect, and there is also a series for those with thicker or larger penis sizes. This series is the most popular series and the most attractive to customers.

  • HydroXtreme Series

    This is the most powerful series compared to the others, if you want maximum strength, you can choose this series, the advantage of this series is that it is equipped with a handball set and a free accessory kit that can make it easier for you to use it.

    Hydroxtreme is the most complete series of models ranging from Hydroxtreme3 to Hydroxtreme11, available for penis lengths ranging from 3 inches to penises reaching 11 inches long when erect and also available for thicker penises. This series is perfect for those of you who want a stronger and faster penis size increase.


To choose a Bathmate pump model, you have to think about and determine a number of things that can determine your success, you have to choose what you need in order to get the results that match your expectations.

  • First

    Surely you have to determine the size of the pump that suits your size so that it is not big or too small.

    Before you can measure your penis first, and you have to measure it when your penis is erect, you can use a measuring instrument that is comfortable for you and determine how long it is. your penis and its thickness to match the pump you will choose.

  • Second

    After you get the size, now you can choose the model that suits you. Bathmate Canada has 3 models with different strengths ranging from medium, strong, and very strong. You can determine which model you want and customize it with the results you expect.

  • Thrid

    After selecting the model and size, now determine whether it is enough for you or you need some additional accessories that can make it easier for you, you can see what accessories are available and you can add what you need so that everything is complete in one purchase and you don't need make any more purchases.


bathmate canada guarantee

Bathmate really guarantees your satisfaction and to further assure you Bathmate Canada guarantees you to try it for 60 days or 2 months of regular use.

During that period, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the results provided by this product, you can return the product, and you will receive your 100% money back.

The warranty time is 60 days, If you return the product beyond the specified time period, the refund guarantee is no longer valid, the guarantee is limited to one order per customer.

Bathmate Canada provides it because it is absolutely certain that you will be satisfied with the results you get.

This offer is only valid if you purchase directly on the Bathmate Canada Manufacturer Website.


We suggest that you buy Bathmate products online through the Bathmate Canada Manufacturer Website to guarantee the authenticity of the product.

You cannot guarantee authenticity if you purchase at a retail site or other online store and you also will not get the 60 day money back guarantee described above.

You have to be careful because Bathmate has such a big name that many try to fake it for profit.

Therefore, to avoid things that are not desirable, you have to buy them directly on the Bathmate Canada Manufacturer Website.

Your personal data will also be kept private and no one will know what product you bought. Your privacy is maintained here.

You can pay using a Credit or Debit Card and other available payment methods.

You can go directly to the Bathmate Canada Manufacturer Website by clicking the link in the image below.

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Your personal data is protected here as well as the product packaging is very confidential so no one will know what you bought.
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